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Uplifting Poem from TASUS’s Darrell Laurant

April 9, 2014

Georgetown, TX– Darrell Laurant is a proud member of the TASUS team and he wrote this poem about a few of his colleagues. Darrell has a way with words and we hope you enjoy his poem as much as we did at TASUS.

To the bumble bee’s in Cell 1

Thank you for being the ones that keep me going, for making my job feel less of a chore.

Knowing without you; production would falter, for you are the keys and I am the door that will always be open no matter the fray.

Whether it be a rough week, or a thank god a good day.

Always know, that I’m coming even when I’m not there every second I’m free with you, I will share.

To Lee: Who so kindly says; it’s about time you did something.

To Johnny: Who’s energy is greater than mine.

To Cheryl: Who’s heart is bigger than everyone’s.

To Consuelo: Who taught me to always be kind.

To Cassandra: Who’s future is so full of light.

To Donald: Who’s patience is power and might

And Ms. Sandy who nurtures my incomplete pride

And Kelli, now in tabbing, but I cannot deny

And to all of the others that come in and out, thank you for being respectful and harmonizing your clout!

For keeping it exciting often simple and fun.

On the job, on our off days, we will always be one.


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