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Winter Olympics Update

February 17, 2014

At TASUS we support all athletes and particularly note those from the countries in which we have established business in. The 2014 Winter Olympic Games are half-way over and we would like to congratulate the teams and athletes who have accomplished the great feat of competing and taking home a medal.

So far Japan has taken home five medals, one gold, three silver and one bronze. Japan was represented by two teenagers in the snowboard half-pipe freestyle, taking home the silver and bronze for the event. Japan won the silver medal in the Nordic Combined Men’s event, as well as in Ski Jumping. Japan’s only gold medal was won in the Men’s Figure Skating Free Skate event.

The Czech Republic has also won five medals, again one gold, three silver and one bronze. In the biathlon the Czech took the Silver and Bronze medals for the Men’s Pursuit event, while also winning a silver medal in the Women’s Mass Start event. The Czech also had defending Olympic Speed Skate champ Martina Sablikova competing for another medal. She was unable to defend her title, but finished a close second to give the Czech Republic a third silver medal for these Winter Games. The Czech Republic was represented by Eva Samkova in the Snowboard Cross event. Samkova was able to beat out the competition and take home the country’s first gold medal of these Olympic Games.

Canada has had a strong precense through the games so far, winning fourteen medals in six different sports. The Canadian team has been dominant in the freestyle skiing events. They have won six total medals in these events, three gold, two silver, and one bronze. The Canadian team has also won a gold medal in short track speed skating, as well as silver and bronze in different Men’s Speed Skating events. Canada has taken two silver medals in figure skating. The Canadian team has also been able to win silver in the Women’s Snowboard Cross event, as well as a bronze medal for slopestyle snowboarding and Men’s Super G event.

The United States have had a strong showing throughout the games up to this point. The Americans have taken a total of sixteen medals. The U.S. team has had a strong hold on the snowboarding events, taking three gold and one bronze medal. The U.S. has also won five medals in freestyle skiing: one gold; two silver; and two bronze. The U.S. has also won a silver and two bronze medals in alpine skiing. In the Skeleton events team USA won a silver for the women and a bronze medal for the men. Team USA also took home the bronze medal in the Luge and the Figure Skating Team Free Dance event.

Congratulations to all the athletes competing and good-luck throughout the rest of the games.


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