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Employee Spotlight: Kaisha Woods

For this week’s #employeespotlight, meet Kaisha Woods, a quality technician at TASUS Alabama. This August will be her third year with TASUS. Kaisha’s favorite part of working at TASUS is the “family feel” of the whole company: “no matter what position you are in we feel comfortable speaking on work related issues to one another.” She also says she loves that TASUS looks within the company to fill positions before looking outside. When asked about her motivation for work, Kaisha replied, “do the work others aren’t willing to do and you’ll get the things others never have.” Kaisha has a four year old son named Kyan Thomas. In her free time, she likes to travel and take her son to experience things outside of their hometown.

If you are interested in career with TASUS, visit our website to learn about our open roles!

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