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  • 25 Years!

    November 18, 2022 TASUS Indiana Jenny, we are proud to have you on our team! Wishing you another year filled with success! Happy Anniversary!

  • Day 17 of Thanks

    November 17, 2022 TASUS Indiana Our management team served up some delicious food to our employees today on all three shifts! Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to TASUS! Happy Thanksgiving! We think our TASUS INDIANA Chef enjoyed as well!

  • A Small Token of Appreciation

    November 17, 2022 TASUS Alabama Zaxby’s as small token of appreciation for 2nd shift! They went an entire week without any absences AND produced the most parts AND had the least amount of scrap! Y’all are awesome!

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  • TASUS | Tsuchiya Group North America - automotive plastic injection molding

    C O M P A N Y TASUS Corporation is a premier supplier of plastic molded components, converted products and distributed products to the automotive and transportation markets. HISTORY NEWS QUALITY P R O D U C T S AUDIO COMPONENTS LIGHTING COMPONENTS NVH / BSR P R O C E S S ​INJECTION MOLDING CONVERTING ​EXTRUSION C A R E E R S C O N T A C T phone: (812) 333-6500 North America HQ 1151 W Second Street Bloomington, IN 47403 Bloomington, Indiana 300 N. Daniels Way, Bloomington, IN 47404 ​ Established: 1986 Number of Employees: 180 Real Estate and Building: 8 acres 105,000 sq ft Georgetown, Texas ​ 211 TASUS Way Georgetown, TX 78626 ​ Established: 2003 Number of Employees: 180 Real Estate and Building: 23 acres 112,000 sq ft Florence, Alabama ​ ​ 4310 Parkway Drive Florence, AL 35630 ​ Established: 2012 Number of Employees: 166 Real Estate and Building: 12.5 acres 104,000 sq ft Bloomington, Indiana 1500 N. Curry Pike, Bloomington, IN 47404 ​ Established: 2021

  • INJECTION MOLDING | TASUS - Tsuchiya Group North America

    INJECTION MOLDING TASUS Corporation is a world-wide leader in the manufacturing of plastic components and systems for the automotive and transportation markets. Through our standardized processes and expertly trained operators focused on continuous improvement, to our leading-edge robotics and assembly techniques. TASUS is at the forefront of North America and plastics injection molders. Our innovative and team-driven approach provides our customers with solutions time and time again, as we avidly employ the principles of the Toyota Production System (TPS) to optimize our employee knowledge, production processes, and equipment. Our extensive experience and culture of continuous improvement provides our customers with added value from project introduction to part delivery. EXPERTISE CAPABILITIES ​ audio/acoustics components and enclosures lighting engine air management and filtration housings climate control/clean air management fluid management/reservoirs interior & exterior functional and aesthetic trim intermediary trim, molding and shrouds in-mold decoration (interior/ exterior applications) part design review tool-build management components & systems material selection processing manufacturing GALLERY

  • AUDIO | TASUS - Tsuchiya Group North America

    These award winning high gloss piano black and gloss red finish Beats by Dre speakers are audio components built by TASUS automotive plastics molding. AUDIO COMPONENTS SPEAKER GRILLS SPEAKER ENCLOSURES ASSEMBLIES GALLERY

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