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  • Employee Spotlight: Brian Baldomero

    TASUS Indiana April’s employee spotlight goes to Brian Baldomero! How Long have you worked for TASUS? 1.5 years. Position? QML on 2nd shift. What do you like best about your job? The people. What are your interests and/or hobbies? Rock climbing, yo-yo and playing video games. Who inspires you? My Dad. If you are interested in starting a career with TASUS, visit our careers page to learn about our open roles! #TASUSIndiana #employeespotlight

  • Employee Spotlight: Haley Petty

    March 1, 2024 TASUS Indiana March’s employee spotlight goes to Haley Petty! How Long have you worked for TASUS? 1 year. Position? QML What do you like best about your job? It is challenging, I learn more about myself and the environment everyday. What are your interests and/or hobbies? Playing guitar and writing poems. Who inspires you? My boyfriend. If you are interested in starting a career with TASUS, visit our careers page to learn about our open roles! #TASUSIndiana #employeespotlight

  • Employee Spotlight: Autumn Miller

    February 6, 2024 TASUS Indiana February’s employee spotlight goes to Autumn Miller! Autumn has been here for 1 year and 6 months and is currently a QML. She enjoys the dynamic and energy of TASUS. She is into video games and art. Everyone inspires her to be better and she has 4 pets. If you are interested in starting a career with TASUS, visit our careers page to learn about our open roles! #TASUSIndiana #employeespotlight

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  • GLOBAL & SUPPLY CHAIN | TASUS - Tsuchiya Group North America

    GLOBAL & SUPPLY CHAIN JAPAN: 25 business centers / 8 production centers / 2 development centers / 1 design center Headquarters Tsuchiya Co., Limited - Global / Japan Business / Trade Centers Tsuchiya Co., Ltd./Nagoya (HQ) Osaka Branch Chiryu Branch Shizuoka Branch Toyokawa Branch Hokuriku Branch Okayama Branch Hiroshima Branch Tsuchiya Co., Ltd./Tokyo (HQ) Kitakami Branch Sendai Branch Utsunomiya Branch Atsugi Branch Tsuchiya Co., Ltd./Fukuoka (HQ) Okagaki Branch Nakatsu Branch Kumamoto Branch Kagoshima Branch TSUCHIYA YAC CO., LTD. Head office/Chubu Branch (HQ) Tokyo Information Center Sapporo Branch Sendai Branch Tokyo Branch Osaka Branch Fukuoka Branch Tsuchiya International Trading Co., Ltd. Beijing (5 Branches) / Hong Kong / Thailand / Indonesia / Vietnam Tsuchiya Group North America Bloomington, Indiana Manufacturing Centers Tsuchiya Decal Industrial Co., Ltd. Tsuchiya Decal Co., Ltd. / Kitakami / Fukuoka Tsuchiya TSCO Co., Ltd. / Mitake / Chiryu / Vietnam Tsuchiya Chemical Co., Ltd. Tsuchiya Screen Co., Ltd. Tsuchiya Magnex Co., Ltd. TASUS Corporation / Bloomington, Indiana / Florence, Alabama BBH Tsuchiya S.R.O. / Czech Republic Tsuchiya Automotive Components Co., Ltd. / Tianjin / Guangzhou Tsuchiya Co., Ltd. / Thailand PT. Tsuchiya Manufacturing / Indonesia Tsuchiya TSCO Co., Ltd. / Vietnam / Hanoi core technologies: coating, cutting, mixing / filling, textile, molding, sourcing / distribution Research / Development / Design Centers Tsuchiya Research & Development Center / Chiryu Tsuchiya Imaging Development Center / Sapporo Tsuchiya Technical & Design Center / Chiryu Tsuchiya Design Center / Chiryu / Tokyo / Thailand Tianjin / Guangzhou Tsuchiya Group North America Automation & Manufacturing Development / Bloomington, Indiana Tsuchiya Technical & Design Center / Thailand Supplier Network sourcing over 450 globally HIGHLY CONNECTED GROUP OF COMPANIES SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT we see each project through; from raw materials to finished products with on-time delivery

  • EXTRUDED PRODUCT | TASUS - Tsuchiya Group North America

    EXTRUDED PRODUCT WEATHER STRIPPING & SEALS Fender Seals / Protectors Floor mat Edge Cover Side Bumper Protector Side Mudguard Protector Sidestep Protector Window Glass Spacer Door Window Seals Roof Rail Seals Sunroof Seals Cowl Seals (Up near the front window) Spoiler Seals Close-out Seals DOOR EDGE PROTECTORS GALLERY

  • ENGINEERING / DESIGN | | TASUS - Tsuchiya Group North America

    Our engineering and tooling teams possess an integral knowledge of complex structures, materials, technology integration, and large-scale manufacturing, resulting in quality performing and cost-effective tool and part designs. Our design engineers are prepared to meet your challenges, whether it’s a simple non-aesthetic sub-component, or complex precision fit in-mold decorated assembly. CAD Proficiency: CATIA / Pro Engineer / all CAD software translations ENGINEERING / DESIGN TOOLING AUTOMATION Automation is used as a means of support to our staff, and not a replacement. Our ‘automation with a human touch’ is the driving success behind our complex workstations. We also employ quality control vision cameras in addition to the LEAN processes of Error Checking, Poke-Yoke, and Fail-Safe in our standard production practices. Through our global and local partnerships with tooling companies, we are able to provide premium tools for high to mid-volume programs. Our in-house tooling shop is well equipped for making repairs and modifications to existing tooling, minimizing downtime to meet production deadlines. Capabilities: sourcing / prototyping / manufacturing from existing tooling Tooling Anchor Through upfront engineering, we can offer full flow analysis and part design refinement to improve manufacturability and achieve a better, less labor intensive process. We can support 1+1 and multi-cavity tools, integrating sophisticated automation to provide optimal value added manufacturing efficiency. Our engineering team will manage automation and tool builds from start to finish and provide in-house maintenance, including polishing and ice blasting to save valuable time and cost. RAPID PROTOTYPING For design review, brainstorming new ideas, or short lead-time projects, our rapid prototyping capabilities provide our customers added benefit of part and tool review prior to tooling production and mass manufacturing. We manufacture prototypes on our FDM prototyping machine, or build a prototype mold for quick and efficient functional part production. This technology allows us to fabricate fixtures, assembly & holding jigs, and end-of-arm tooling components, subsequently reducing lead times and program costs. MOLD FLOW ANALYSIS We ensure successful implementation of each project through our team of dedicated professionals and abundant resources to effectively serve each customer’s needs. From project initiation through manufacturing, our Advanced Program Launch team manages each program in detail with effective communication. Our method allows for the launch of each product on time, every time, and to the required specifications. With our employee-driven culture of continuous improvement, customers are assured that each program is to be properly administered, making your project a success. ADVANCED PROGRAM LAUNCH​

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